Trump Is In His Feelings Again, Rages At “Broken Old Crow,” “Loser” Mitch McConnell In Yet Another Unhinged Rant

Just look at this fool.

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Former President Donald Trump doesn’t want Joe Biden to be successful. That means that the twice-impeached one-term President wants the country to fail. In 2019, Trump called the debt ceiling “a sacred element of our country” that should never be wielded as a bargaining chip in budget. Now that he’s out of office, Trump is throwing an absolute fit after 14 Republicans joined Democrats to raise the debt ceiling.

Trump released a statement that his spokesperson Liz Harrington tweeted out to circumvent his ban on the social site. Trump lashed out at Rep. Adam Kinzinger for siding with Democrats to pass the legislation that paves the way for Congress to raise the debt limit. Trump also blamed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for losing two seats in Georgia, even though it’s the former President’s fault. Trump called McConnell a “broken old crow” and a “loser.”

You can read the statement below.

Twitter users piled in.

He is so redundant. The legislation was needed to pay our bills. It’s not as if Trump is known for paying his debts, so this isn’t that surprising.

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