Trump Is Reportedly Considering Someone From His Old Administration As His 2024 Running Mate And It’s Worse Than You Think

Oh dear GOD.

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The mere notion of a second Trump term is enough to make your skin crawl and your stomach lurch. But according to new revelations from New York Times correspondent and so-called “Trump Whisperer” Maggie Haberman, it actually manages to get worse still, when you hear who the former guy is apparently eyeing for his potential 2024 running mate.

Haberman, who’s been the center of quite a bit of media attention here lately over her bombshell new tell-all book, made an appearance on The View this week, where she revealed that Donald Trump is eyeing a couple of people in particular for his VP position, should he actually finally commit to a 2024 presidential run. And believe it or not, they’re even worse than you can imagine.

According to Haberman, the scandal-ridden former president currently has his eye on South Carolina’s Republican Senator Tim Scott, and none other than his former White House Press Secretary (if you can even really call her that) Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Haberman, who has closely covered Donald Trump since the very beginning of his political career, was asked about who Trump might have pegged for his 2024 running mate:

There’s a couple of people whose names have been mentioned. The one that actually gets mentioned the most by people close to him is Tim Scott from South Carolina, the senator, and then Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who’s possibly the next governor of Arkansas.”

Haberman made another recent appearance on CBS News, where they discussed the topic of whether or not Trump was actually going to run at all, come 2024. Maggie confirmed that she believes Donald will certainly throw his hat into the ring, but she’s not quite confident that he’ll actually see it all the way through.

I think that he needs the protections that running for president, he thinks, would afford him in combating investigations that he calls a ‘witch hunt.’ And it is the way that he fundraises and makes money. So much of his identity now is about being a politician. So I expect that he will run. That doesn’t mean that even if he declares a candidacy that he will stay in the whole time.”

I suppose only time will tell…

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