Trump Is Reportedly Ghosting His Friends Who Are Admitting That He Lost The Election

He is a child.

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump isn’t taking the election results very well after being soundly defeated by President-elect Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote. And that’s got to hurt on so many levels. For one, Biden is close friends with the target of Trump’s obsessive jealousy, former President Barack Obama. Trump is also a malignant narcissist who can’t accept the reality of his defeat. The president may be so mentally ill that he’s gaslighting himself into believing that he won the presidential race. At any rate, Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th of 2021 regardless of Trump’s attempted coup. Our republic is stronger than this president.

According to a report on MSNBC, as the president “ignores the raging coronavirus pandemic and his other official responsibilities, new reporting reveals Trump has been depressed since losing the election to Joe Biden.” It’s also revealed that Trump — while mulling doling out pardons to his loyal friends —  seems to be ghosting others like Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, who dare to validate Biden’s election victory.

Trump is like that clingy guy in the 5th grade who just couldn’t let go. But, Donald J. Trump is 74-years-old and needs to get over his loss to Biden so that we can have a peaceful transition of power for the sake of the American people. The people of this country have suffered enough with Trump at the helm. Over two hundred and ninety thousand Americans have died from the raging pandemic on this president’s watch. Trump surrendered to the coronavirus without putting up a fight.

And now, the few people in Trump’s orbit that admit to Biden’s win are being ghosted by a mentally ill and immature septuagenarian. Trump has told aides that he may go to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas and not return. It’s unlikely that Trump will attend Biden’s inauguration even though former President Barack Obama graciously attended his.  Joe Biden attended Trump’s inauguration, too, by the way. Trump isn’t just ghosting his friends; he has ghosted the American people amid multiple national crises. And for sure, he will make us suffer even more in the coming weeks as he prepares to exit the White House.

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