Trump Just Seemingly Used COVID-19 Briefing As A Platform To Bash Our Allies

He just can't stop himself.

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Donald Trump used the daily press briefing Wednesday on the potentially deadly coronavirus to lavish praise on himself, take shots at the media, and slam our country’s allies. Just before the briefing — to show where Trump’s heart is amid this national crisis — the president unleashed two tweets suggesting that the media is part of a hoax in keeping the country locked down “in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work ASAP.” Trump is suggesting that only a portion of the US consists of “real people.”

At the briefing, things got worse as Trump complained that the European Union does not buy our medical equipment. The former reality show star said that while governors are pleading for sufficient medical equipment. Trump literally called out our allies.

Trump’s briefings do not serve the public during this national crisis. The briefings have become rallies for the “me, me, me” president.

The entire world is in a panic, so Trump is taking shots at our allies to blame them for his failures in his poor and slow response to the pandemic. Today marks this country’s deadliest with COVID-19. One hundred and eighty-five Americans died, and the numbers will continue to rise until we flatten the coronavirus curve. That means we need to stay home, but Trump wants Americans to cease taking the advice of experts, and just open the country back up — because it’s all about him.

At this point, what’s surprising after three-plus years with Trump in office is that we have any allies left. It would be better if the media didn’t cover Trump’s COVID-19  briefings, for the sake of all of us — the “real people.”

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