Trump On COVID: It’s Not Good If “You’re Heavy” And “Thank Goodness I’m In Perfect Shape”


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Donald Trump delivered lengthy and rambling remarks in the Rose Garden, with some of it being incoherent (as usual) at best while touching on various issues. Trump was trying to tout a  jobs report as that showed unemployment falling after Americans had been sheltered at home to flatten the coronavirus curve. Trump maundered on about the jobs numbers even though unemployment is over thirteen percent.

A sitting president should be an accomplished multitasker, and now that Trump has a few issues to deal with, including the COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd’s murder by police officers, he’s shown that he’s incapable of that. Trump hemmed and hawed his way through the press conference, and at one point, touched on the pandemic.


Trump is, however, obese and has a form of heart disease. Now, we’re not into fat-shaming here, and for sure, if aliens landed and wanted a perfect woman specimen to take back with them, I’d fall in the “laughingstock” range. But, most of us don’t try to pretend we’re something we’re not, and we don’t define others by their appearance. However, President IMAX has fat-shamed women on numerous occasions, so I feel it’s important to point out that he’s overweight — even though he thinks he resembles Rocky Balboa.

Also, it’s not all about the president, even though he thinks it is. We’re not sure what his particular physical shape has to do with concerns over the country’s population amid the national crisis. No one asked him, OK? I guess it’s too much to ask a narcissistic rage-machine to focus on others for a change. At least he didn’t bring up how many Facebook followers he has this time.

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