Trump On Obama’s Eulogy At John Lewis’s Funeral: “I Thought It Was A Terrible Speech. It Was An Angry Speech. He Lost Control”

What a raving lunatic.

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Donald on Wednesday morning criticized former President Barack Obama’s eulogy of the late Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) during a phone call to Fox & Friends, calling it a “terrible” and “angry speech” after his predecessor urged lawmakers to strengthen voting rights. Trump is terrified that Americans will vote and has gone as far as to call mail-in voting a form of voter fraud. During Trump’s bizarre interview with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, the president claimed that mail-in voting is a “new phenomenon” even though it has existed since the Civil War.

“Who is having a harder time getting over the 2016 election,” host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump, “Hillary Clinton, or President Obama? And do you agree that seemed like a campaign speech and less of a eulogy?”

“I thought it was a terrible speech. It was an angry speech,” Trump said. “It showed this anger there that people don’t see.”

“He lost control. He’s been really hit very hard by both sides for that speech,” Trump continued. “That speech was ridiculous.”


Trump – who did not attend John Lewis’s funeral — recently whined that the Democratic Georgia congressman did not come to his 2017 inauguration after he was asked if the civil rights icon was “impressive.”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I don’t know,” Trump said during an interview. “I don’t know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration.”

As always, Trump is projecting. Trump is a raging narcissist with anger issues, not Obama. Former President Barack Obama is encouraging people to vote, and that sent Trump into a tailspin. And to top it off, Trump is obsessively jealous of his predecessor, and it looks likely that he will be defeated by Obama’s former vice-president — and close friend, Joe Biden. Trump can’t fill Obama’s shoes, and he isn’t even worthy of cleaning his predecessor’s toilet.

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