Trump Released A Statement That’s A Parody Meme Of The Geico Gekko And People Don’t Even Know What To Say

This is just sad.

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Since President Joe Biden took office, he’s accomplished a lot, but not if you hear Republicans tell it. Just hours after being sworn in, earlier this year, Biden signed a historic 17 executive actions – 15 of which will be executive orders, all significant reversals from former President Donald Trump’s policies. The pandemic is being taken seriously, with 196 million Americans being fully vaccinated — that’s 59.6% of the U.S. population. Due to Biden’s aggressive stimulus policies, the economy has revived at a record pace, and huge strides have been made in slashing poverty – especially child poverty. Biden signed a historic infrastructure bill after Trump failed to deliver one during his four years in office. I could go on for ages, but you get the picture. However, Trump doesn’t get the picture.

Trump released a statement containing a meme that his spokesperson Liz Harrington tweeted out to circumvent the former president’s ban on the behemoth social site. The meme features the Geico Gekko alongside the words, “Switching back to Trump could save you 15% or more on everything,” apparently referring to inflation, though that’s a global problem.

This is just pathetic:

Twitter users pounced:

Well, that “statement” was confusing. What’s not confusing is that we fired the twice-impeached one-term president over a year ago, and we don’t want him back. For the love of God, will he get out of our lives, please?

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