Trump Reportedly Relying On Family Like His Wife And Daughter To Make Him Palatable To Women Voters

That's pretty pathetic.

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Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin will soon be hitting the shelves with her new book, Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy From Donald Trump, with a deep dive into just exactly how women — more specifically, women of color — played a large part in booting America’s biggest embarrassment out of the White House, and what Donald Trump seems to be trying to do about it.

Rubin takes a cold, hard look at the way the Democratic party attracted and maintained female voters while honing in on Trump’s absolute failure to do the same — instead taking the lazy way out and relying on the women in his family like his daughter Ivanka and wife Melania to pull him out of the trenches and make him look like a palatable option for a voter base that has a whole lot they stand to lose.

“The Democrats could feature so many women because so many of them had run for, won office, and ascended to national prominence…Instead of a slew of prominent women lawmakers who had risen in the party, the Trump team relied heavily on Trump relatives like Melania, Ivanka, Tiffany, his sons, and his sons’ significant others,” Rubin notes. “At times it seemed the only women willing to tout him were those who stood to inherit something. This was the party of the 1950s, where women’s position depended on their relationship to men in power.”

“The Biden campaign team, from campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon on down, remained acutely aware that women would be the deciding factor in the race,” she goes on, highlighting the contrast seen at the DNC. “That meant the convention had to fire up women voters and stress issues essential to them. The diversity of the women speakers and the plethora of women participants…reflected how critical women of color were to Biden’s coalition. In addition, the convention designers aimed to keep in the fold the sort of women, many suburban and college-educated, who had abandoned the GOP in 2018.”

“As frustrating as the Republican convention was to watch, Biden’s campaign’s direction was clear: Do not get distracted by Trump’s schtick. Let him be the candidate of chaos. Let Melania Trump try to convince women her angry and condescending husband cared about them. Let Trump’s kids offer rote defenses of their father without a single personal memory evincing good character…The campaign leaders had confidence women voters would not forgive Trump for his serial failures.”

Rubin, who herself left the GOP around the time Trump entered it, feels that the confidence paid off and that Trump’s little RNC scheme was just yet another fumble that he absolutely could not afford.

You can read the full report from Yahoo! here.

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