Trump Said He Wanted “Term Limit At 25 Years” And Claimed “Lindsey Graham Will Help Get It Passed”

Owning the libs by sh*tting on the Constitution.

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Donald Trump throws out dangerous rhetoric while his base eats it up. The president has hinted at not leaving office after his two-term limit on numerous occasions. And during one of the president’s ego-rallies in Charleston, South Carolina, he called the coronavirus threat the “new hoax.” Meanwhile, that “hoax” has resulted in over nearly seventy-thousand deaths in the United States.

We could start every article with “Imagine if Obama said that” when writing about Trump, but the president’s dedicated base enjoys taking a shit all over the Constitution with the former frozen steak salesman. Probably Trump’s most dangerous rhetoric goes way back to 2018 when he said of China’s President Xi Jinping, “He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

From there, Trump has amped up that stunning language, and one of his main sycophants, Sen. Lindsey Graham, enabled the raging narcissist during the president’s rally. Trump’s fire-breathing, lint-licking, cult-like followers seem pretty happy about their president remaining in office forever — because fuck the Constitution, right?

“Ten more years,” the massive crowd at Trump’s South Carolina rally chanted at the time.

Trump responded to his adoring crowd to say, “We’ll set the term limit at 25 years” and added that Senator Lindsey Graham will help get it passed.


Anyone who claims that Trump was joking needs to get a mental health evaluation. If that’s the game they want to play, let’s have former President Barack Obama run again. It’s been speculated that Trump may not leave the White House when his tenure is up, and that’s not conspiratorial since he keeps suggesting that he won’t vacate the presidency if he’s defeated or if his eight years are completed if he is reelected.

There is a solution to that, though: shove his massive ass in his golf cart and haul him out of our White House with his followers watching the spectacle of their pee-stained president kicking and screaming as officials with the Southern District of New York smile with arrest warrants in their hands.

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