Trump Stopped In The Middle Of His Speech To Ask For Praise: “Say, Thank you, Mr. President!”

Of course he did.

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While almost everything about Donald Trump’s personality is annoying, probably the most insufferable part of his character is his constant need for adoration. Trump has been touting what he perceives as his accomplishments during his daily coronavirus briefings. He’s been doing this since before he was elected.

That trait was on full display when the president spoke to a room full of Border Patrol agents, too. Of course, no speech of Trump’s is complete unless it’s peppered with lies.

As he spoke to National Border Patrol Council members, Trump bragged about how Mexico paid for the wall he managed to bypass Congress and declare a “national emergency” that let him get the funding from the military for his ego-wall.

That was already bad enough, but then he made a bizarre claim. According to Trump, Democrats wanted to build a wall along the Southern border five years ago, but they didn’t have as much talent as the former reality show star so he got it done.

“But when you want to get money for a wall, that most of the people in the Democrat Party wanted five years ago, they just didn’t like it when I announced that we’re going to build it, they were unable to get it built, they had the money but they were unable to get it built because it takes talent to build things!” Trump said.

“We got it built!” President Exclamation Mark said. “And I made your jobs a lot easier! Say, ‘Thank you, Mr. President!’”


None of that is true, of course.  The wall is not “built.” Trump promised to finish more than 500 miles of new barriers for his vanity project by early next year. This project will be funded entirely by the U.S. government, at costs that reach nearly $30 million per mile in southern Texas, according to the Washington Post.

Nearly all of the new fencing the Trump administration has installed for the project so far is considered “replacement” fencing, swapping out smaller, older vehicle barriers for a more elaborate — and costly — “border wall system,” according to the news outlet.

Just look at Trump’s big beautiful wall:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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