Trump Was Spotted With Bizarre, Bright Red Streak Down The Middle Of His Face And People Had Questions: “Did He Walk Into A Tree Or Something?”

What in the world is that?!?!

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Scandal-ridden former President Trump spent some time kicking it in Scotland, where he was breaking ground on a new golf property as he seemingly attempts to continue to ignore the mountain of mounting legal peril he’s facing back home.

Of course, Donald’s trip was ultimately cut short when the former president decided he had no choice but to leave Ireland and Scotland earlier than he intended to travel back to New York where he claimed he planned to “confront” his rape accuser, E. Jean Carroll, who he openly referred to as a “disgrace,” as well as “extremely hostile” Judge Lewis Kaplan, who is presiding over the case.

Trump raged to a gaggle of supporters at the time:

I have to leave Ireland and I have to leave Scotland where I have great properties. I have to leave early. I don’t have to, but I choose to. Will you attend the trial? Mr. President, I’m probably attend and I probably will and i think its a disgrace. It’s a disgrace that it’s allowed to happen against a rich guy or in my case, against a famous, rich and political person that’s leading the polls by 40 points. And I have to go back for a woman that made a false accusation about me, and I have a judge who is extremely hostile and I’m going to go back and I’m going to confront this. But this woman is a disgrace and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen in our country. You go to work.”

The dramatics were bad enough in and of themselves. However, social media users happened to notice something in particular about the former guy’s, shall we say, physical appearance while the big guy was still over the pond.

Take a look for yourself:

I don’t know about you, but to me, that looks like a bizarre, big, bright red streak right down the center of Donnie’s face. While we certainly can’t confirm the cause of the strange mark on Trump’s face, have no doubt that social media was full of their own hilarious thoughts and theories on the peculiar matter:

Honestly, I’m really hoping it was the tree…

Featured image via screen capture

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