Trump’s Attorney May Have Sent A Thinly-Veiled Warning To The Unidentified Mar-A-Lago Informant And Americans Wanted Some Answers: “How Is This Not Witness Tampering?”

That was a bad idea...

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The general consensus following the bombshell raid on Trump’s Palm Beach resort is that there is a mole among them at Mar-a-Lago. Someone, somewhere, with some pretty close and intimate insider knowledge on the ex-president and his post-White House day to day life, tattled on the former guy. Whoever this informant was (and believe me, the speculations are plentiful — with Michael Cohen even theorizing that it could have been one of Donald’s own children) played a large role in the securing of the FBI search and seizure warrant against Trump’s compound, and landed him at the center of a brutal investigation into whether or not he violated the Espionage Act.

Knowing what we know about Donald Trump and his mental stability (or lack thereof) suffice it to say that the man is desperate to know who ratted him out.

So much so, it seems, that his lawyers are out here doing the dirty work for him.

Trump attorney Allina Habba made an appearance on Newsmax, where one of two things happened — either she’s extremely dumb and every bit as crazy as Donald Trump is, or… She’s dropping a very public, very clear warning to the informant via cable TV.

During the segment, Habba publicly demanded that the Department of Justice reveal the identity of the individual who informed on the ex-president. Her ultimate argument for this demand? They’re going to find out sooner or later either way.

“The president’s position, the same as what I would advise him, is to ask them to uncover everything so that we can see what is going on,” the Trump attorney said on live television. “I understand the witness protection issue, but at the same time, these witnesses are truly not going to be concealed for very long.”

“It’s in the best interest so that the country can get comfortable to see what the basis was, especially from someone who was cooperating,” she claimed.

Popular Twitter user and former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski noted in the caption of the clip of Habba’s Newsmax appearance, “This is either more lunacy or a warning to the informant.”

Social media wants some answers:

Haven’t these people broken enough laws already?!

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