Trump’s Former Bodyguard Broke His Silence, Reportedly Recalled Donald Snapping At Melania And Borrowing $130 For McDonald’s That He Never Paid Back


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Most of us had already known that Donald J. Trump is a habitual liar, even before he became president.  That’s why the former president is loathed in New York City — they can see a con man from a mile away, and Trump’s persona is as fake as his wife’s alleged “kidney” operation. According to the Daily Mail, Kevin McKay, 50, worked for Donald Trump as a bodyguard until he was dismissed in 2012, and he says that the former president still owes him over $100 for cheeseburgers he bought for the fast food-loving alleged billionaire.

McKay said, “He still owes me money for McDonald’s He told me he would pay me back, but he never did.” One thing for sure that we can advise people that work for Trump is that they should always get paid upfront. Trump isn’t known for paying his debts. And who spends over $100 on cheeseburgers? Trump recently wondered about Joe Biden’s health, but he should worry about his own while he stuffs numerous cheeseburgers down his mouth. But, apparently, McKay was buying burgers for others, too.

‘For much of the time I was working for him, I kept thinking he would say, ”Kevin, here’s that money I owe you,” but it didn’t happen,’ McKay told the outlet.

“I thought he was an okay guy when I first started working for him but I guess that as we have all come to see, he is not a man of his word,” he continued.

McKay said that he bought the fast food for Trump in 2008 when the former reality TV show star was heading to Aberdeen airport in northeast Scotland after visiting Trump International golf course.

“Mr. Trump didn’t have any UK currency – pounds – so he asked me if I could front him the cash,” McKay said. “I said, ”Sure” and took everyone’s order – about 20 cheeseburgers and fries with around 10 or 15 Coca Colas.”

“I think Mr. Trump ordered two cheeseburgers with fries and a diet coke – that was his usual order and he always wanted McDonald’s to take with him on the private jet,” he continued. ‘It cost me about £95 in total and Mr. Trump told me, ”You’ll get it back.”’

As for Trump’s attitude with Melania, apparently, the former president gets testy with his wifebot.

“He’s always been like that. One morning she handed him a coffee and he snapped, ”I don’t want that, we’ll talk about this later,” McKay said.

McKay was called into the office of Trump International’s Executive Vice President Sarah Malone and fired without explanation, the outlet reports. “Two years later he was jailed for four years for a £400,000 ($556,000) tax fraud (in 2014) and he was languishing in prison when Trump became President in 2017,” the Daily Mail reports.

“Now when I look back I wish I had never taken that job,” he added. “I feel like the courts used me to prove a point – that they did not like Donald Trump. I wasted four years of my life for nothing.”

Ironically, Donald Trump’s taxes might be the center of focus soon with investigations nipping at his heels.

You can read the full report here.

Featured image via Michael Vadon/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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