Trump’s Incompetence Forces White House To Use “Large Colored Charts” To Explain The Threat Of Hurricane Florence

Trump's lack of intelligence has resulted in some very weird White House meetings.

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We are all well aware that Donald Trump doesn’t read — and he might not even know how to. There have been several reports about the president refusing to look at reports unless they’re only a few bullet points long, and he barely looks at what used to be the daily presidential briefing.

To combat the president’s incompetence, lack of attention span, and overall stupidity, Trump’s White House aides have had to come up with some very creative ways to communicate with the president and help him make decisions. As Hurricane Florence was a major point of discussion this week, one of the Trump administration’s tactics to keep Trump informed has just been revealed — and it truly proves that Trump is a child.

Trump’s White House aides knew that using words with this president would not work. In order to communicate the danger of Hurricane Florence and discourage Trump from starting other discussions on Twitter (which failed anyway), the president’s team had to bring in oversized colored pictures for Trump to look at. The Washington Post reports:

Officials have brought large, colored charts and graphs into the Oval Office to illustrate Florence’s dangerous path for Trump.”

Trump, who is a “visual learner,” has also taken the “rare trip outside, to visit the staff of the National Security Council’s resilience office housed across the street in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.”

But despite everything Trump’s aides have done to teach the president and keep him focused on Hurricane Florence, he continues to fume over his negative press coverage for the death toll in Puerto Rico. The Post reported:

‘I’m not to blame for this,’ one adviser recalled Trump saying in a private conversation about Maria,” the Post reports. “In such discussions, the president also has trashed the power company in Puerto Rico and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who in the storm’s immediate aftermath publicly pleaded with Trump for a stronger response and has harshly criticized the president.”

Trump is a lost cause.

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