Trump’s Latest Move Is Major Constitutional Crisis, Trying To Prevent Mueller From Testifying

This is just insane.

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The past month has been bombshell after bombshell for Donald Trump and his doomed presidency. Now that the Mueller report is threatening to destroy the president, it appears he’s desperate to prevent Special Counsel Robert Mueller from exposing him even more.

Earlier today, The Daily Beast released a report that stated House Democrats discovered that despite the fact that the Special Counsel is willing to testify to Congress over his report, the Department of Justice is preventing him from doing so. That’s right – they won’t even set a date for Mueller’s testimony – and you can take a wild guess who is responsible for that.

People have been urging Mueller and Attorney General William Barr to testify, especially with new reports surfacing that stated that the Special Counsel called Barr to point out that his four-page summary of the report was not an accurate representation of its contents.

Barr must have known he was in deep sh*t, because even before this he was trying to get out of a scheduled hearing – trying to make the case that he didn’t want to take questions from Mueller. Even with this hearing scheduled to take place on Thursday, it’s still up in the air about whether or not Barr will attend or keep the date of the appointment.

America deserves to know what is going on, but Trump and his corrupt administration seem hellbent on keeping everyone in the dark. Despite the evidence that Mueller was able to provide about the president’s efforts to undermine his investigation, Barr has tried to defend the president and now it’s clear as day what Trump is trying to do. Trump doesn’t care that his actions violate the Constitution, and he never will. He’s going to block Mueller from testifying as long as he can.

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