Trump’s Own Family Member Previewed Upcoming Tell-All Exposing The “Cruelty That Has Come To Define The Trump Family”

The truth is coming out...

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Donald Trump’s own niece is exposing the truth, whether he likes it or not…

Mary Trump, a professional psychologist and the daughter of Donald Trump’s late brother, Fred Trump Jr., has grown into fame over the last several years thanks to her open and vocal criticism of her ex-presidential uncle and the Trump family as a whole. In her capacity as both an expert on mental illness and a member of the Trump family, Mary recently warned that her uncle is being pushed “closer to the edge” amid his mounting legal and financial troubles, including the recent New York fraud judgment against him.

But as it turns out, Donald’s niece has even more to say…

Recently, Mary announced her upcoming memoir that’s set to expose all of the family issues and secrets that the Trumps have been hiding under the surface for decades now.

In a recent post on her Substack, Mary said her upcoming new book — Who Could Ever Love You – a Family Memoir, set to be published by St. Martin’s Press in September — will serve as “an intimate, heartbreaking memoir of a father, a mother, and a family’s exile.”

A preview of the impending tell-all reads:

Mary Trump brings us inside the twisted family whose patriarch ignored, froze out, and eventually destroyed his own. Freddy Trump’s decline into alcoholism and illness, along with Linda’s suffering after their divorce, left Mary dangerously vulnerable as a very young girl. Inadequately and only conditionally loved, there were no adults in her life except for the father she loved, but lost before she could know him; and a mother abandoned by her ex-husband’s rich and powerful family who demanded her loyalty but left her with nothing.”

“Mary Trump grew up in a family divided by its patriarch’s relentless drive for money and power,” the summary of Mary’s book continues. “The daughter of Freddy Trump, the highly accomplished, dashing eldest son of wealthy real estate developer Fred Trump, and Linda Clapp, a flight attendant from a working-class family, Mary lived in the shadow of Freddy’s humiliation at the hands of his father.”

Finally, though, the preview begins to open the curtain on her disgraced uncle:

Fred Trump embodied the ethos of the zero-sum game and among his five children, there could only be one winner. That was supposed to be Freddy, his namesake, but Fred found him wanting — too sensitive, too kind, too interested in pursuits beyond the realm of the real estate empire he was meant to inherit. In Donald, Fred found a kindred spirit, a ‘killer,’ who would stop at nothing to get his own way.”

You can find the full preview on Mary Trump’s Substack here.

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