Trump’s Own Former Acting Attorney General Set To Publicly Testify Before Jan. 6th House Panel, Will Reportedly Lay Waste To Ex-President’s Big Lie

It's all over but the crying now.

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Ex-President Donald Trump’s chances at a defense against the January 6th House Select Committee and their brutal ongoing investigation are dwindling right before his eyes.

None other than Jeffrey Rosen — the man who was appointed as the US Attorney General following Bill Barr’s dramatic exit from the Trump Justice Department in the wake of Donald Trump’s unhinged 2020 election claims — is now set to deliver his under-oath testimony before the January 6th House Select Committee during today’s public hearing. And, to make matters that much worse still for the disgraced former guy, a copy of Rosen’s pre-prepared remarks obtained by CNN shows that Donald’s former acting AG is set to brutally lay waste to the ex-president’s Big Lie regarding the 2020 presidential election.

According to the outlet, Rosen’s remarks show that the former Trump attorney general’s testimony will directly contradict Donald Trump’s claims of widespread election and voter fraud that he claims cost him the 2020 election and his second White House term.

CNN reports that Rosen will testify, “Some argued to the former President and public that the election was corrupt and stolen. That view was wrong then and it is wrong today, and I hope our presence here today helps reaffirm that fact.”

During Rosen’s very brief time in the DOJ, Donald Trump heavily pressured him to declare the 2020 presidential election as “corrupt.” For Trump, this was the pretext to sending certified votes back to Republican-led states in an effort to overthrow Joe Biden’s election win.

According to reporting, Rosen pushed back on Donald’s demands, prompting the then-president to weigh the possibility of replacing Rosen with loyalist Jeffrey Clark as the new acting head of the Justice Department, so soon after Barr’s resignation. Ultimately, Trump shied away from this plan after Rosen, along with several other top Justice Department officials and White House attorney Pat Cipollone threatened to make a stink by resigning in protest.

Rosen’s public testimony today will come as part of the House Committee’s focus on Donald Trump’s pressure campaign against the DOJ.

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