Trumpworld Is In Trouble: J6 Committee Chairman Just Confirmed They “Will” Make Criminal Referrals To The DOJ In Capitol Attack Investigation

They're coming for you, Trump -- And all your little cronies, too.

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The scandal and legal peril that has been surrounding and mounting against corrupt former President Donald Trump have officially reached a bombshell crescendo today, as January 6th House Select Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson officially announced to the nation today that the panel that has been engaged in an ongoing investigation into the J6 Capitol insurrection “WILL” make formal criminal referrals to the United States Department of Justice in the probe.

New reporting from The Washington Examiner quotes Chairman Thompson saying, “We have made decisions on criminal referrals.” When further pressed as to whether or not the House Select Committee will be making any such referrals, Thompson answered and confirmed, “We will.”

Additional reporting from CNN saw Thompson confirm, “that’s part of the discussion” when further questioned as to whether any of the witnesses in the investigation were guilty of committing perjury to the congressional investigative committee.

The House Committee chairman did not confirm the identities of any of the individuals who will soon be criminally referred to the Justice Department, nor did he confirm any of the individuals who are soon to face charges of perjury. However, all options point to individuals within Trumpworld.

Axios reported on remarks from House Rep. and Committee investigator Jamie Raskin, who said, “We’re in the process of bringing forward different recommendations to the full committee for consideration.”

Thus far, the J6 House Select Committee has already made criminal referrals to the DOJ and the House for the likes of former senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon and former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Both of those criminal referrals were in regard to Contempt of Congress, due to the men’s refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas issued against them in the investigation. Steve Bannon has since been officially indicted on two charges of contempt of Congress, convicted of his crimes, and sentenced to a four-month prison sentence as well as a $6,500 fine. Bannon remains a “free” man right now, as he works through the appeal process of the decision. The US Department of Justice has not taken up any legal action against Mark Meadows to date.

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