Tucker Carlson Goes On Rant Against Lindsey Graham, Appears To Blame Him For Trump’s Woodward Tapes: “Why Would He Do Something Like That?”

Carlson is using Graham as a scapegoat to defend Trump now.

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Damning audio recently released by legendary Watergate journalist Bob Woodward revealed that Donald Trump lied to the American people about the seriousness of coronavirus, but Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson is attacking Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) instead.

Trump has repeatedly downplayed the virus, which has killed nearly 200,000 Americans, even admitting that he intended to downplay it from the start and admitted it’s deadlier than the flu.

Trump and his Republican supporters have been scrambling to do damage control ever since, but there’s no escaping the fact that Trump lied to the public and his lies have cost hundreds of thousands of American lives that could have been otherwise saved.

But rather than come down hard on Trump, Carlson ignored the scandal and attacked Graham for arranging the interviews with Woodward that now have Trump in deep sh*t under two months away from Election Day.

“Now remember, Lindsey Graham is supposed to be a Republican, so why would he do something like that?” Carlson asked. “You would have to ask him. But keep in mind that Lindsey Graham has opposed — passionately opposed — virtually every major policy initiative that Donald Trump articulated when he first ran. From ending illegal immigration to pulling back from pointless wars to maintaining law and order at home. Lindsey Graham was against all of that, more than many Democrats. So maybe you already know the answer.”

Here’s the video:

Seriously, this is what Tucker Carlson is focused on instead of Trump’s lies to the American people. He actually had the audacity to suggest that Graham is a fake Trump supporter who is secretly working with Democrats to take Trump down. It’s patently absurd and only serves as a lame excuse to let Trump off the hook for something any other public official would be forced to resign over. Graham may have set up interviews between Trump and Woodward, but Trump is the one who has been lying while conducting an incompetent and reckless pandemic response.

Carlson should be ashamed of himself, and Graham should be pissed off about being thrown under the bus as a scapegoat.

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