Tucker Carlson Is Finally Breaking His Silence About His Long Personal History With “Friend” Hunter Biden And It’s Very Telling

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Fox New’s talking head Tucker Carlson is breaking his silence on his controversial and highly-scrutinized past relationship, and even friendship, with none other than now First Son Hunter Biden, who the Right truly loves to hate these days.

Carlson’s telling new segment on the president’s son comes amid the release of the Fox host’s new documentary called Biden Inc. which serves as part of his Tucker Carlson Originals series on Fox Nation.

Of course, at the center of the whole story and ordeal, is Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop that was allegedly left at a Deleware computer repair shop that was allegedly ripe with dirt on the president’s son, who has long faced severe struggles in his life due to multiple traumas. Ultimately, the laptop allegedly contained sensitive information, including but not limited to private, salacious photos of Hunter, some of which depicted his past drug use, as well as information that allegedly highlighted Hunter’s attempts to trade on his father’s name.

This week, Carlson made a guest appearance on Fox’s The Five where, amid the Hunter Biden controversy, the network talking head finally opened up about his past close relationship with President Biden’s son.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld asked Tucker, “How would you characterize him in your capacity?”

“I knew him really well,” Tucker Carlson admitted. “And I always liked him. I mean, he was my neighbor and friend, and had dinner with him a bunch. We talked a lot about drinking. I don’t drink. He was struggling with that. But in the background, I knew, and I knew people who worked with him in his business, that he was effectively selling access to his dad.”

Up until Tucker’s current admissions, the Fox host was actually far closer to Hunter Biden than he was willing to publicly admit — a fact that the world found out after the Washington Post uncovered and publicized alleged emails between Carlson and Biden, in which the Fox host asked Biden to pen a letter of recommendation on his son’s behalf to Georgetown University.

“I’ll just be totally honest about it,” Carlson went on to add as he turned to the topic of Hunter’s alleged name-trading actions. “I never really thought about it because I lived in D.C. for 35 years, where people sell access to government officials. They’re called lobbyists. And that’s kind of the business of the city.”

Tucker claimed that he never truly realized the extent to which Hunter was trying to capitalize on business dealings using his famous last name until the alleged contents of the infamous laptop went public.

“And it turns out, based on what we know now from the laptop, that it was absolutely criminal,” the Fox host said. “And the reason we made this documentary was not to inform you that he was doing something wrong. Everyone knows that. It was to take a long-form piece and explain it and show on the screen exactly how we know this.”

Watch the clip here:

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