Uncovered Court Filing By Underage Victim Reveals Disgusting Reason For “Falling Out” Between Trump And Epstein

This is absolutely gut-wrenching.

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Donald Trump is shaking in his boots now that long-time friend Jeffrey Epstein has been implicated in yet another round of brutal sex crimes against children — on the chopping block once again for an underage sex trafficking ring after having already received a sweetheart deal from then US attorney Alexander Acosta, who now serves as Labor Secretary, in 2008.

In an attempt to distance himself from his pal now that his crimes have once again come to light, Donald is using the excuse that he hasn’t spoken to Epstein in years due to a “falling out” between the two.

When it comes to Donald Trump a “falling out” can mean an array of things. Saying something mean about his hair is likely to get you cut off from his world. However, Epstein was a man that Donald did some serious partying with back in the day. The two were pretty damn close. So it was safe to assume that this “falling out” of theirs was pretty substantial. At least in Trump’s mind.

Now an uncovered court filing from 2016 in which rape victim Katie Johnson brought up actions against both Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, has revealed what could be the true reason for Trump’s “falling out” with his long-time friend, and it is even more disgusting than you could have even imagined.

Page four of the document outlines Johnson’s description of a fight she witnessed between her two assaulters:

“Shortly after this sexual assault by the Defendant, Jeffrey E. Epstein, on the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, Plaintiff Johnson was still present while the two Defendants were arguing over who would be the one to take Plaintiff Johnson’s virginity. The Defendant, Donald J. Trump, was clearly heard referring to Defendant, Jeffrey E. Epstein, as a ‘Jew Bastard’ as he yelled at Defendant Epstein that clearly, he, Defendant Trump, should be the lucky one to ‘pop the cherry’ of Plaintiff Johnson.”

Donald Trump is using the excuse that he no longer associates with Epstein due to a fight — a fight over who got to take their victim’s virginity through rape. It doesn’t get any worse than this.

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