Unearthed Text Messages Apparently Showed Kim Guilfoyle Bragging About The Millions Of Dollars She Raised For “Save America” Rally That Ignited The Violent J6 Capitol Riot

She should pay for this.

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The Trump family’s claims that they weren’t involved with nor are they at fault for the infamous, violent January 6th Capitol riot, perpetrated by Donald Trump’s very own rabid supporters, is getting weaker and weaker with each passing day as more and more evidence mounts against the ex-president’s entire inner circle.

A bombshell report from the nonprofit newsroom, ProPublica, has revealed text messages from Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr.’s current girlfriend and a top fundraiser for his father, to a GOP operative, appearing to brag about the staggering $3 million she had raised for the January 6th “Save America” rally that ultimately, directly fueled the violent Capitol riot.

ProPublica obtained and reviewed a series of text messages between Guilfoyle and Katrina Pierson, the individual who was serving as the White House liaison for the event, on January 4th. In the messages, Kim reportedly detailed her various fundraising efforts and pushed for far-Right speakers to join Trump on the stage for the rally that sought to overturn the United States presidential election results.

As noted by the publication that reviewed and originally reported on the messages, Guilfoyle’s texts were “the strongest indication yet that members of the Trump family circle were directly involved in the financing and organization of the rally.”

The infamous January 6th insurrection ultimately left 5 people dead and droves more injured.

Responding to the new report, Guilfoyle’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, vehemently denies Kim’s involvement in fundraising efforts for Right-wing speakers. He goes on to claim that the text messages in question “did not relate to the Save America rally” on Jan. 6 and the “content of the message itself” was “inaccurate” and “taken out of context.” He did not respond to questioning regarding the accuracy and context of the message.

The messages show Guilfoyle specifically addressing the Jan. 6th rally when she expressed concerns over whether she would be allowed to speak at the event. The liaison for the event, Pierson, responded saying that only Trump and a few people he selected would be speaking at the rally.

Kim reportedly replied, claiming she only wanted to introduce Don Jr. and reminded Pierson that she had “raised so much money for this.”

“Literally one of my donors Julie at 3 million,” her response reportedly read.

ProPublica notes, “It remains unclear whether that amount was really raised and, if so, how the majority of it was spent.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear to anyone with half a brain that the Trump family/inner circle played a far larger part in those fateful events than they will ever be willing to admit. We can only hope that they will ultimately be held responsible for what they’ve done.

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