Video Clip Showed Trump Deplaning And Folks Thought POTUS Struggled To Walk Down Flight Of Stairs: “He Holds Onto That Handrail Like A 95-Year-Old Lady”

Low energy!

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Donald Trump is the king of projection, as he tries to cast off presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden as unfit for office while he himself doesn’t seem to be aware of his surroundings. Life is weird. Welcome to 2020.

So when Trump arrived at Joint Base Andrews after the president’s rally in New Hampshire that didn’t take place, Twitter users noticed that the president didn’t seem very presidential. Trump didn’t seem very confident as the frail president tried to master walking down the stairs of the airplane, and the lights were turned off so no one could get clear photos of our befuddled leader.


Twitter users pounced.

Trump described Hillary Clinton as low-energy, but as Secretary of State, she traveled 956,733 miles without complaining or breaking a sweat — and she could confidently walk down a set of stairs. Trump is trying that same worn-out schtick with Joe Biden, but this time, Americans aren’t buying what Bunker Boy is selling. Trump’s exit from the plane was just another example of a man who looks defeated. He’s tired. Maybe it’s exhausting for Trump to pardon so many criminals while knowing that Biden will never pardon his predecessor.

If Trump thinks stairs are hard to maneuver, just wait until he tries to walk down a set of them while handcuffed.

Featured image via White House/Flickr

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