Video Shows A Fly Caught In Trump’s Hair During Speech

What is it with this dude and house flies?!

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There are a lot of things that really twist Donald Trump’s knickers into a knot — Mexicans, black people, Muslims, Democrats, powerful women, and house flies.

The president has had some serious run-ins over his time in the White House with those pesky, buzzing little bugs and he’s made that fact publicly known on more than one occasion.

Earlier this year, CIA director Gina Haspel described her painful encounter with Donald and one of those troublesome little insects when she attempted to conduct a briefing with the president in the Oval Office only for him to be heavily distracted by a few house flies that were carrying about their business around the room. According to Haspel, Trump became so agitated with the flies that the entire meeting ended up being a pretty big bust and Gina ultimately sent the president flypaper to avoid a repeat situation.

A few weeks ago, Trump paused his social media summit right in the middle of things to swat at yet another house fly that was causing him enormous distress, exclaiming “How did a fly get into the White House!” as he flailed his hands around his head. “I don’t like flies! I don’t like flies.”

But most recently, during a speech at the Jamestown anniversary event in Virginia, it seems that Trump may have made amends with the house fly community, as one was caught on video hanging out in his hair as he rambled.

That poor fly really hung in there, too. But given how much hairspray the man uses on a daily basis to keep that butterscotch cotton candy he tries to pass off as hair down on his head, it’s no wonder the poor creature couldn’t get loose.

Featured image via screen capture

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