Video Leaked Of What Appears To Be A New Year’s Party At Trump’s Mar-A-Lago And You Really Can’t Unsee It

Well, this is unfortunately burned in my brain forever.

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Despite the rapid and ever-growing mountain of scandal and legal peril that Donald Trump has found himself in over the last few months, it seems the washed-up, has-been former guy still got his party on for the new year β€” no matter how awkward, cringy, bizarre, and kinda downright gross it may have been.

The big guy has been absolutelyΒ drowningΒ in problems here lately, and the water around him is only getting deeper. The January 6th House Select Committee came for him full force in their final report, as their investigation came to a close in preparation for incoming Republican power, complete with a series of criminal referrals sent to the US Department of Justice. The DOJ has its own damning probes steamrolling the former guy as we speak, including the recent appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith, which Trump himself is not taking well to, ranging from the January 6th attack, his attempts to literally overthrow a US election, and of course, his infamous stolen Mar-a-Lago document scandal that just keeps getting worse and worse at every turn.

And frankly, that’s not even the tip of the Trump scandal iceberg.

But new footage is spreading like wildfire across social media now that seems to show that, despite all of this never-ending scandal and legal peril, Trump still managed to find it in himself to throw one hell of a weird New Years’ party at his equally scandal-ridden Palm Beach estate.

And let me just warn you, once you lay eyes on it, you really can’t unsee it.

Late New Years’ Eve night, a clip that was apparently recorded by Mr. Collude-y Rudy Giuliani quickly made the rounds:

But don’t worry, the “Big Guy” himself was sure to make a scene as well:

Comedic gold ensued in the comments:

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All I can really say is enjoy that freedom while it lasts, Donald. I honestly don’t think you have much of it left.

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