Video Showed Donald Trump Entering Mar-a-Lago’s Dining Area To Applause, Appeared To Wave On The Audience, Asking Them For More And We’re Honestly Embarrassed For Him

This is absolutely pathetic.

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If ex-President Donald Trump is anything, he’s a man that is so pathetically desperate for attention and admiration, despite the fact that he does absolutely nothing to deserve.

We have talked and talked over the years about Donald Trump’s ego — and don’t get me wrong, on the surface, the man’s arrogance is so huge it’s truly a thousand wonders we haven’t seen his head just literally explode all over a stage somewhere. But I (and many other Americans and experts) have always been of the belief that just underneath the egotistical, narcissistic surface that Trump so readily displays to the public, is an insecure, vulnerable, sad little man.

We’ve seen the “proof” of as much over Trump’s time in the spotlight.

Back when Phil Rucker and Carol Leonig’s book, I Alone Can Fix It, we caught a glimpse into Trump’s vulnerable insecurities as they painted a picture of Trump’s dining room behavior.

“As more dinner guests with plates began queuing up in the room to visit the raw bar and other food stations, Trump finally decided it was time to wrap up our conversation. He invited us to stay for dinner and instructed the maître d’ to find us a table. Then the former president stepped onto the veranda and into the last of the day’s sun. Right on cue, the dinner guests immediately stood up at their tables to applaud him. He took it all in, smiling,” the book reads. “Just another Wednesday night at Mar-a-Lago. And off he went, table by table, to greet friends.”

After the book officially came out, Leonig would go on to say, “When you’re down there talking to him, there’s a distorted reality he’s presenting, not only to us, but the dozens of guests that come to Mar-A-Lago every night for dinner and give him a standing ovation at sunset, and then you leave Mar-A-Lago and you realize what’s happening in the world the reality is so different from what he’s trying to tell his supporters.”

Now, a recent video began circulating on Twitter thanks to the popular PatriotTakes account, we once again saw how insecure, pathetic, and desperate the ex-president truly is.

In the clip, Trump can be seen entering the Mar-a-Lago dining room where patrons were sat down for brunch. As he impeded on the meal to a round of applause, the ex-president appeared to egg on the group for more applause, waving his hands up in the air in a “more” gesture, before apparently becoming satisfied with their level of cheers and giving the room a thumbs-up:

As you’d expect, the video garnered quite a bit of ridicule on social media:

We see right through your facade, Donnie. And what we see is pathetic.

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