WaPo Reports Federal Agents “Conducted Court Authorized Law Enforcement Activity” At The Home Of Former Trump Campaign Official Allegedly Involved In Fake Elector Scheme

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While President Biden’s Department of Justice, and even more specifically his Attorney General Merrick Garland, have felt the heat of the American people demanding justice and accountability that it often seems will never come, it now appears as though federal authorities have finally fully ratcheted up their investigation into the illegal and corrupt schemes that allegedly surrounded the January 6th attack, and Donald Trump’s overall attempt at enacting a coup to overthrow the 2020 presidential election, no matter the price.

A thundering new report from the Washington Post came rolling in today, revealing that subpoenas have officially been dropped by US federal officials against individuals in at least two different states, in connection to the alleged massive scheme among political activists and operatives who support Donald Trump to install invalid, “fake” electors to help thwart and dismantle Joe Biden’s rightful 2020 presidential election win.

But, after a deeper look at WaPo‘s report on the matter, it looks as though it gets worse than simple subpoenas.

The Washignton Post reports:

Agents conducted court authorized law enforcement activity Wednesday morning at two locations, FBI officials confirmed to The Washington Post. One was the home of Brad Carver, a Georgia lawyer who allegedly signed a document claiming to be a Trump elector. The other was the Virginia home of Thomas Lane, who worked on the Trump campaign’s efforts in Arizona and New Mexico. The FBI officials did not identify the people associated with those addresses, but public records list each of the locations as the home addresses of the men.

Separately, at least some of the would-be Trump electors in Michigan also received subpoenas on Wednesday, according to a person who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. But it was not immediately clear whether that activity was related to a federal probe or a state-level criminal inquiry.

The precise nature of the information being sought by the Justice Department at the homes of Carver and Lane was not immediately clear.”

Officials have been claiming for some weeks now that the US Department of Justice, in corroboration with the FBI, was investigating the issue of the fake electors with regard to the certification of the 2020 electoral College votes — a plan that even Donald Trump was allegedly hopeful would secure him an extended stay in the White House. However, this bombshell news serves as the first tangible move on the DOJ’s part in the probe.

You can read the full report on the bombshell news from the Washington Post here.

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