Watch As Trump Nearly Trips Down The Stairs While Meeting With UK Prime Minister

Walk much, Donnie?

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Donald Trump has done a damn good job of making a complete and total ass out of himself at the G7 Summit in France this weekend.

It took little more than a few hours after his arrival before he displayed his idiocy in all its glory in front of French President Macron who tried his very best to talk policy with the man but was only met with nonsense about the weather from America’s “leader.” Then, European council president Donald Tusk was quick to let everyone know that he had zero time for Trump’s obsession with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

As big an ass as Donald has effectively made out of himself, it’s easy to forget that his visit to the Summit actually had a legitimate purpose. According to Trump, a “very big trade deal” will soon be worked out between the US and Britain just as soon as the UK says goodbye to the European Union.

During a meeting between Trump and new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Donald took the opportunity to give a little bit of praise in regards to the Brexit debacle, stating, “He needs no advice. He’s the right man for the job.”

He also, of course, didn’t miss the opportunity to throw a little more shade at former Prime Minister Theresa May, who he has regularly criticized in the past, stating that Boris is “a new person.”

Johnson returned the ass-kissing to America’s idiot-in-chief, complimenting his handling of the US economy but adding, “just to register a faint, sheeplike note of our view on the trade war, we’re in favor of trade peace on the whole.”

It seems their meeting went so well that Johnson was willing to save Trump’s behind from some pain and embarrassment when the dimwit nearly tripped down the stair.

Twitter users have quite the field day with the footage:

Just be thankful it wasn’t Macron or Merkel, Trump. You’d likely have taken yourself a hilarious tumble.

Featured image via screen capture 

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