Watch Trump’s Rant On Fox & Friends, Keeps Talking, Won’t Let Hosts Speak

The hosts looked like they wanted to run out of the studio.

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Donald Trump gave a phone interview on Fox & Friends and even the hosts looked clearly uncomfortable as he ranted on for what seemed like eleventy hundred years while not allowing them to get a word in edgewise.

The point of an interview is that the hosts ask questions, and the guest answers them — but not if you are Donald J. Trump, whose massive ego compels him to lord over others. Also, Trump is likely about to be impeached by the House after damning testimonies from highly credible witnesses during the public proceedings this week. You can practically hear the articles of impeachment being drawn up. We know that the “president” is aware of what’s coming.

The frozen expressions of the Fox & Friends hosts are the same as I’ve had when dealing with a family member who suffered from dementia and would say inappropriately wild things.


The expressions on the hosts’ faces are incredible.

In an earlier clip, Trump declared, “I do want, always, corruption — I say that to anybody!”

Yeaahh, that’s why you’re going to get impeached, you absolute walnut. Is he not paying attention?

While Trump is ranting about Hunter Biden, Don Jr., the “president’s” self-entitled brat-son, has profited greatly from his father’s presidency and was just caught after the Republican National Committee spent nearly $100,000 to buy his book in bulk.

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