Watch Trump’s Reaction As He And Bill O’Reilly Get Booed By The Audience During “History Tour’s” Final Show

Well, that was hilarious.

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Over the weekend, ex-President Donald Trump and his tour partner, disgraced former Fox talking head Bill O’Reilly, wrapped up the last leg of their multi-part event they dubbed the “History Tour” — a series of pay-to-play speaking events and “conversation” in arenas across a few US states — in Dallas, TX. The whole tour has been a bit of a bust, with ticket sales for overpriced events being rather dismal and turnout usually lining up with the ticket sales.

However, their final event may have shaken out to be the most embarrassing of them all, as the less than dynamic duo found themselves booed by their audience when they announced from the stage that they’re both fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including their booster shots.

No Spin News shared a clip to their Twitter account of Trump and O’Reilly revealing to their crowd that they’ve both received all of their coronavirus vaccinations:

As you’ll note in the clip above, at least a portion of the audience didn’t take well to the news, reacting to Trump and O’Reilly’s revelation with a round of boos — and Trump didn’t seem too happy about it.

“Don’t!” the one-term, twice-impeached former president shouted at the audience repeatedly as they expressed their disdain for their Dear Leader’s vaccination status.

“It’s a very tiny group of them,” he said with a point out into the audience.

Just moments before he admitted to his supporters that he’s received all three of the COVID019 vaccines, Trump was calling on his audience to support efforts being made for mass vaccination in the US, as new variants continue to rise — and, of course, made sure to pat himself on the back for his “hand” in it all.

“We did something that was historic. We saved tens of millions of lives worldwide — we together, all of us,” Trump said to the crowd with regard to the COVID-19 vaccine that was constructed during his time in office. “We got a vaccine done in less than nine months. It was supposed to take from five to 12 years. Because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people — I think this would have been like the Spanish flu of 1917 where up to 100 million people died. This was going to ravage the country far beyond what it is right now.”

Take credit for it. Take credit for it,” the former president continued from the stage. “You’re playing right into their hands [when you doubt the vaccine].”

Frankly, I’m just glad to see Trump throwing some support behind the vaccine — as it’s damn well known that it’s his base that’s vehemently refusing the life-saving vaccination that’s needed to make this thing end.

But, ya know, I always love a good Trump booing.

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