“Well… I Mean, Umm…”: Watch Lindsey Graham Fumble And Fall On His Face When Fox Anchor Prodded Him To Address The Differences In Biden V. Trump Document Scandals

Well, that was awkward.

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When it comes to the differences between Donald Trump’s massive corrupt scandal surrounding the highly-classified government documents he stole and hoarded at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and the recent classified document scandal that has broken around President Biden, South Carolina Senator and Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham not only couldn’t cough up a straight answer to save his life, he fumbled and fell flat on his face in trying to do so.

Graham’s rather embarrassing flubber came during a recent appearance on a Fox segment with host Martha MacCallum as they discussed the developments surrounding the Biden classified documents that were recently discovered. The SC Republican lawmaker was using the segment to openly call for the DOJ to appoint a special master to review the case like they’ve done to Donald Trump — a move that the Justice Department has since taken.

Graham, like so many other Republicans in recent weeks, openly railed against what he feels has been a double standard within the media when it comes to their coverage of Donald Trump’s document scandal, versus what Graham and his fellow Republicans think is a lack of coverage with regard to Biden’s. The senator claimed that, other than Fox News, the media has been refusing the cover Biden’s scandal, despite the fact that even CNN has covered the Biden document ordeal every which way you can imagine.

MacCallum interjected in Graham’s rant and noted, “Well, to be fair, there were other reporters in the room who did ask questions about this. They were summarily shut down. And most of the coverage that I’ve seen in other places is about how very different these two situations are,” making reference to Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy who did what he does best and recently made a complete ass out of himself when pushing President Biden’s press secretary on the matter earlier that same day.

“They say, you know, the former president was stonewalling, returning these documents. They had been requested. They’ve been negotiating over it for quite some time. And that’s the difference. So so comment on that for me, if you would, first and then I have another question,” MacCallum questioned.

It was at that point that Graham fumbled and effectively fell on his face, blubbering in response, “Well, number one, I mean, ummm… can you imagine if this happened?” The awkward pauses here were palpable, as Graham struggled to get his footing.

“The bottom line here is that Peter did not get shut down. The more she talked, the more absurd the excuse became,” Lindsey rambled, effectively dodging the host’s question entirely. “The bottom line here, she also said that President Biden has done more to secure the border than any president. You know, that’s an out lie and everybody knows it. So it’s pretty frustrating right now.”

Graham seemed to decide that refusing to shut up was his best way out of this awkward ordeal and continued to rant and rave almost nonsensically, without ever actually addressing the question at hand:

So God bless Peter for pushing. The answers given by the White House are nonsensical. If there’s not a special counsel appointed to find out how this happened with President Biden regarding classified information, there is going to be a lot of anger.

It will hurt the country. Garland If you’re listening, if you thought it was necessary, attorney general, to appoint a special counsel regarding President Trump, then you need to do the exact same thing regarding President Biden when it comes to handling classified information.”

Now, when you watch the clip of this whole… Debacle, it certainly doesn’t seem as though the Fox host posed this question of Graham in any sort of intentional attempt to put the Republican lawmaker in the awkward hot seat. But nevertheless, that’s certainly where he wound up.

Mediate has the clip here.

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