What Appeared To Be A Tipsy Andy Cohen Going Off On Former Mayor De Blasio As Anderson Cooper Looked On Slightly Mortified Is The Heroism We All Need In During These Troubled Times

He was toasted.

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We’ve become used to the drunken antics of CNN’s Don Lemon on New Year’s eve, and for sure, he did not disappoint us on Friday night, but now Andy Cohen took his turn. Cohen, the host of ‘Watch What Happens Life,’ was lit last night as he ushered in the New Year with Anderson Cooper while unloading on Bill de Blasio as his successor Eric Adams was sworn in as the city’s new mayor shortly afterward. As Cohen said, Republicans and Democrats, can agree on one thing. De Blasio sucked as the mayor of the Big Apple. Cooper and Cohen took tequila shots in honor of trailblazing actress Betty White, who died at 99, before tearing into de Blasio.

“Just watching Mayor De Blasio doing his victory lap dance after four years of the crappiest job as the mayor of New York,” Cohen said. Cooper appeared to want Cohen to drop the subject before simply saying, “wow.”

“The only thing that the Democrats and the Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been, so sayonara, sucker! 2022!” Cohen said. “It’s a new year, and guess what? I have a feeling that I am going to be standing right here next year, and you know what I’m not going to be looking at? Dancing as the city comes apart!”


Cohen has a perfectly good explanation:

Adams said to the people celebrating the new year in Times Square, “Trust me, we’re ready for a major comeback because this is New York.” According to Newsweek, the new mayor was sworn in on his family Bible, which was held by his son, Jordan Coleman. Adams was also holding a photo of his late mother, Dorothy, who passed away in 2021.

“New York is back,” Adams said.

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