White House Issues Response To “Asinine” Meghan McCain After She Says Ivanka Trump Crashed Her Dad’s Funeral

They were big mad over that!

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The McCain and Trump families have been the modern-day version of the Hatfields and McCoys for quite some time now — and rightly so on the McCain family’s part.

Donald has been a raging dickhead towards the entire family, including the now-deceased Senator John McCain mostly just because John wouldn’t bow down and kiss his tiny boots like he expects all Republicans to do. And since then, Trump has launched relentless and hateful attacks against the man, even in his grave.

Senator McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain has had a lot to say in response to Donald’s pettiness and immaturity, as well.

Just yesterday, yet another war between the View host and Trump’s White House broke out after Meghan publicly accused Donald’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner of showing up uninvited and “crashing” her father’s funeral.

“No offense, they crashed my dad’s funeral,” McCain stated during a segment on the talk show. “They get nothing from me. Really, they’re not good people.”

McCain went on to refer to Ivanka’s different initiatives as a White House employee as “nebulous,” stating that the first daughter doesn’t actually do much real work from her position.

And evidently this rubbed the sycophantic White House the wrong way.

Today, one White House spokesperson told People Magazine that they didn’t take McCain’s statement on Donald’s daughter seriously.

“The idea that the hosts of The View… have any factual reads on what goes on within the Trump family is completely asinine,” the spokesperson stated. “Ivanka is proud of this administration and the work that they have done over the last two-and-a-half years.”

People went on to report that claims have been made indicating that Sen. Lindsey Graham was the one to issue an invitation to the funeral to the first daughter and her spouse, though it seems that Meghan herself was not made aware of such at the time — and truthfully, what the hell gives him to right to do such a thing, anyway?

Something tells us that Meghan’s feelings aren’t any worse for the wear after the White House’s response. But we would imagine that she’ll be firing back even harder after this.

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