36-Year Veteran Of The DOJ Penned Blistering Resignation In Protest Of Barr’s “Slavish Obedience” To Trump

Barr is a repulsive toad.

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People are getting sick and tired of Attorney General Bill Barr’s blind obedience to President Donald Trump and blatant disregard for the American people — and they’re done remaining quiet about it.

Phillip Halpern spent literal decades, 36 years actually, dedicated to his work at the United States Attorney’s Office in San Diego. However, under the reign of terror and disaster that has been the Trump administration, Halpern is now “fleeing” the Department of Justice after serving “19 different attorneys general and six different presidents” in protest against what he describes as Attorney General Bill Barr’s “slavish obedience” to Donald Trump.

Penning his resignation in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Halpern explains that his number one reason for leaving is the fact that Barr has effectively turned the DOJ into Donald Trump’s personal law firm, giving special treatment to the President and his cronies.

“Over the last year, Barr’s resentment toward rule-of-law prosecutors became increasingly difficult to ignore, as did his slavish obedience to Donald Trump’s will in his selective meddling with the criminal justice system in the Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Roger Stone cases,” Helpern penned. “In each of these cases, Barr overruled career prosecutors in order to assist the president’s associates and/or friends, who potentially harbor incriminating information.”

He goes on to rail against Barr for peddling Trump’s false, baseless, and dangerous conspiracy theories about mail-in voting.

“This career bureaucrat seems determined to turn our democracy into an autocracy,” he added. “There is no other honest explanation for Barr’s parroting of the president’s wild and unsupported conspiracy theories regarding mail-in ballots.”

There’s no denying that our government is a sham at this point — from the presidency to the DOJ, all legitimacy and respect is gone.

Our only hope is the chance to rebuild after November.

You can read the full editorial here.

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