A Bizarre Photo Of Barron Spread Like Wildfire And People Had A Lot Of Thoughts: “I Feel Like I Can Smell That Photo”

There is certainly a lot to unpack here...

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To be frank, Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron (the only child he shares with his third and current wife Melania) was the only Trump spawn left that most of us had even a sliver of hope left for. Barron’s mother went out of her way to keep her only child as protected from his father’s publicity and scandals as humanly possible, as Barron was the only one of Trump’s children who was still a minor throughout his presidency and most of his subsequent legal troubles.

Many of us were in hopes that Melania’s protection of Barron’s privacy would somehow allow the youngest Trump son to break free of his father’s hateful ideologies and perhaps carve his own path in life that wasn’t rife with the racism, hatred, and scandal that runs in his family lineage.

However, Barron Trump just recently turned 18 and is soon to graduate high school — making him a bona fide adult, responsible for his own decisions and actions for the first time in his life.

Following Barron’s 18th birthday, a few outliers in the media were eager to pounce on the youngest Trump child as “fair game,” now that he’s a legal adult — a move that many people were not agreeable with, as Barron frankly has yet to really do anything wrong. But, after a new photo was posted to social media and quickly went viral, we’re certainly wondering if the glimmer of hope we had for Barron Trump was, in fact, all for naught.

Recently, steel magnate Justin Waller took to X (formerly known as Twitter) with a photo of himself standing alongside entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David, MMA fighter Colby Covington, and 17-year-old Bo Loudon, son of conservative commentator Gina Loudon — positioned firmly in the middle of this photo was a towering 6’7″ Barron Trump, looking as stern and Trump-like as ever.

“Good evening,” Waller captioned the now-viral photo. “Let’s take this country back..” complete with three American flag emojis.

As noted by Newsweek in their report on the bizarre photo, all four of the men flanking Trump’s youngest son are highly controversial, Right-wing figures.

Waller himself has deep ties to the notorious Andrew Tate, while Covington has long been a loud and obnoxious supporter of the scandal-plagued former president. Bo Loudon’s mother was a member of Trump’s 2020 media advisory board and Bet-David is a prominent conservative political commentator.

While the comments section of the post was certainly a mixed bag of responses, it’s safe to say that people had a lot of thoughts about the somewhat unsettling photo:

Both Bet-David and Waller responded to Newsweek with comments on the photo, with Bet-David telling the publication, “I was invited by Barron Trump to dinner. I was very impressed by him as a young man. He was very sharp, witty, a great sense of humor, and interesting to listen to during dinner.”

Waller told the outlet that it was “an honor to be invited to Mar-a-Lago.”

“Truly enjoyed spending time with Barron, Patrick, Colby, and President Trump,” he told Newsweek in a statement via email. “As for the hate, I find that people who throw stones online are generally in pain. In these situations, I believe it’s best to be graceful. My life is simply too good to involve myself in putting someone else down, particularly when they are already likely in a bad place.”

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