This Is How Donald Trump Really Feels About His Wife Not Showing Up To Support Him In NY, According To Ex-Aide

There's some trouble brewing in paradise.

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If you followed Donald Trump’s weeks-long Manhattan Hush Money trial, you’re well aware of the fact that his third and current wife Melania did not step foot into Judge Juan Merchan’s courtroom to support her husband in person even one single time throughout the 5 weeks of his jury trial. Even when the jury of his 12 peers deliberated over 2 days and finally came back with his damning guilty verdict on all 34 felony charges, Donald’s wife was nowhere to be found — as reporting from inside sources claimed that she was “hiding out” at Trump Tower with her only son, Barron.

Throughout the course of this high-profile criminal trial, the scandal-plagued former president was absolutely hammered with questions from the media about where his wife was, and why she wasn’t showing up to give her public support for her husband — as he sat on trial for hush money payments made to the porn star he allegedly cheated on Melania with.

Trump has repeatedly tried to brush this fact off, acting as though it doesn’t phase him for his wife not to show up and show out in her support for him as he wades through what is undeniably the biggest legal trouble he’s ever faced in his life.

But one former insider says Donald’s show is just that — a show — as he’s truly “really bothered” by his wife’s lack of public support.

Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s former White House press secretary and one-time friend of Melania recently appeared on CNN and said, “Absolutely, I know it bothers him. That kind of thing would bother him. If Mrs. Trump wasn’t at some event and it was really noted, he would definitely bring it up with her.”

“So I’m sure in this context, it’s definitely really bothering him,” she said, with regard to Melania’s notable absence from the infamous Hush Money trial.

Grisham has previously claimed that Melania would be “watching every ounce of coverage” on the trial, including all of the dirty details of her husband’s infidelity.

“Melania is very much about proof, “Grisham said at the time. “So, if more damaging stuff should come out that she didn’t know about because of course her husband continues to deny all of the details here about Stormy especially if some other stuff comes out, I think that will be really interesting to watch because you can’t really dispute things that are in writing.”

Long story short, don’t let Donnie fool you — this hurt his feelings.

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