A Former Associate Claimed Trump Scheduled Invasive “Inspections” Of Miss Universe Contestants Where He Would Put “His Fingers In Mouths, Checking Teeth, Grabbing Buttocks”


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Former Apprentice staffer Noel Casler, who worked on the show for six seasons, has given us quite a few glimpses into the former president’s unsavory lifestyle. The religious right propped up Donald Trump, and that’s confounding since we literally heard him on the Access Hollywood tape talking about grabbing women by their genitals without consent. That tape was released before conservatives elected the former reality show star whose political resume was completely empty. As for Trump’s business acumen, he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, yet somehow, his base gave him a pass on that, too.

As for Casler, he has dropped bombshell allegations, and yet, Trump never blocked him on Twitter even though the former president was tagged in many of his tweets.  Casler has told of Mr. Trump’s inappropriate behavior with his daughter, Ivanka, Donald Jr’s affection for cocaine, and the president’s severe addiction to drugs. Still, Trump, who loves to file lawsuits, has never taken legal action against Casler.

This old tweet of Casler’s should have been another warning, but Trump supporters stuck by their morally bankrupt guy once again. Casler called out Trump for having inspections on Miss Universe contestants in which he would stick his fingers in their mouths to check their teeth, grab their buttocks while making notes on a little pad of paper.

It’s like the Access Hollywood tape all over again. E. Jean Carroll, one of the former president’s many sexual assault accusers, sued Trump for defamation after he tweeted that she was “totally lying” after she accused him of raping her in a New York City dressing room in the mid-1990s. Carroll has been pursuing obtaining a sample of Trump’s DNA to prove that he sexually assaulted her. Trump has refused to do so even though if he’s innocent, it will clear his name. So, what Casler tweeted seems accurate if you read about the many women Trump has harassed and allegedly assaulted.

Featured image via Michael Vadon/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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