A Former Celebrity Apprentice Guest Star Said Donald Trump “Smell[ed] Really Bad”


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A lot of really damning, incriminating, appalling, and sometimes downright bizarre things have been said about Donald J. Trump over the years.

But, frankly, I think this one takes the cake.

Comedian Kathy Griffin has already garnered herself some serious infamy in connection to the now-former, scandal-plagued former president thanks to that whole severed Trump head photo fiasco that tipped Griffin’s career on its head.

But, what many may not know, is that Griffin actually has a long-standing history with the former reality TV “star” and New York real estate “mogul,” long before Donald Trump dipped his fat toes into the world of US politics.

In fact, Griffin was actually a guest star on Donald’s ridiculous reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice, not once, but twice.

Over the years, Griffin has leaked quite a few disturbing and hilarious details about her past and history with the now-former president. I must say, though, this is one that I don’t think we’ve heard before.

Apparently, Donnie boy had a bit of an unpleasant odor.

Taking to her Twitter, which is protected now, earlier this year, Griffin wrote:

Oh, God, I was never contestant. However, I did participate in two challenges. One I did because of my dear departed, beloved Joan Rivers. The other one I did because Trump paid me a bunch of money to spend the day with Liza Minnelli and host a challenge. Liza and I tried to ignore him, but he does smell really bad.”

As we mentioned, Griffin’s Twitter account and all her tweets are protected now, but we do have this screenshot for your viewing pleasure:

As much as I hate to admit this, I can’t help but be morbidly curious about what exactly he smelled like. Was it Bengay and Adderall? Dirty diaper stench? Or just the scent of good, old-fashioned fear and failure?

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