A Former Close Insider Exposed Ex-President Donald Trump’s Likely Mental State: “He Goes To Bed Every Night Thinking About The Sound Of The Jail Cell Door Closing Behind Him”

Make no mistake -- Donald Trump is scared.

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There is truly no denying at this point that Donald Trump’s life is falling apart from every conceivable angle. The disgraced former president is absolutely plagued with scandal of every variety, ranging from probes, to lawsuits, to investigations, and everything in between, and even going down in history in the worst kind of way as the first former or sitting United States president to be formally indicted on literal dozens of charges on both the state and federal level, many of which are very severe felony offenses.

Recently, ex-New Jersy governor, GOP presidential candidate, and former Trump ally turned staunch critic Chris Christie appeared for an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where he explained that, based on his personal experience with the ex-president, despite Donald’s vehement attempts to convince the world otherwise, Trump is brutally terrified of going to prison for his array of crimes — so much so that Christie believes Donald is going to bed every night with nothing but thoughts of jail cells swimming through his mind.

According to Christie, though Donald is facing additional criminal charges in Manhattan over the infamous hush money scheme, it’s the 37-count federal indictment recently handed down by DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith that’s got the former president terrified in his soul. The Republican 2024 candidate said he believes Donald is floating the idea of taking a deal with the DOJ to avoid spending time behind bars, despite his incessant claims that he’s “not afraid.”

“Because part of what the Department of Justice has always done, under all of the attorneys general that I’ve seen in my lifetime, is if we offer you a plea — which I’m certain they will — and you turn it down and you take us to trial and you’re convicted, that judge is sending you to jail,” Christie explained.

“And I’m telling you, no matter what he says no matter how he’s bragging and going on and on, about him not being afraid, he goes to bed every night, thinking about the sound of that jail cell door closing behind them.”

“So the point of all that, really is to say, when push comes to shove, I’m not so sure [Trump] won’t take a plea,” the former NJ governor added. “Because if that’s the only way he knows he can avoid prison, I think he just may.”

Christie went on to touch on Donald’s recent claims that the infamous FBI search and seizure warrant raid against his Mar-a-Lago estate was a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.

“I saw a post he put up yesterday that the raid on his on his home was a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights,” the Republican candidate weighed in. “Well, he generally has really crappy lawyers. So let me give them a little advice. When they get a court order from a United States District Court judge, it’s not a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights.”

“And in fact, if you have done the simple thing that I think almost any other American would have done, which would have been to get the documents back, he wouldn’t be prosecuted.”

The Hill reached out to the Trump campaign for comment on Christie’s new remarks, receiving a response from campaign spokesman Steven Cheung who said Chris Christie “lives in a perpetual fantasy land where he thinks he can be president.”

“Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie wrapped in incoherent psychotic rage and he needs to get some professional help.”

See Christie’s MSNBC interview here:

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