A Former Federal Prosecutor Said Don Jr.’s Leaked Text Messages Proved That Trump Planned To Overthrow The 2020 Election From The Very Beginning

It's been his plan all along.

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CNN recently broke the bombshell news on Donald Trump Jr.’s damning text messages he allegedly sent to his father’s then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows just days after the 2020 November election, before the winner was even officially called, in which the then-president’s son was already floating ideas and making plans for keeping his father in power when he lost.

Following the new, former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig gave his analysis on the brutally bad development and, according to his professional opinion, Don Jr.’s incriminating text messages only go to show that now ex-President Donald Trump was planning to overthrow the 2020 presidential election from the very beginning.

“That’s the most interesting thing to me, the timing here. The fact that we now have it in writing. It is an established fact that as early as November 5th, the people around Donald Trump were planning to pull off this coup by very questionable legal means because it really puts the lie to the defense you’ll hear sometimes that he legitimately believed he won, they said,” Honig told CNN host Jim Acosta. “He believed there was evidence of election fraud. No. These texts made clear this was the plan all along. Win, lose or draw this is what they were going to do no matter what. That goes to the intent that Donald Trump and the people around him had.”

It’s crystal clear at this point that all of Trump and his peoples’ accusations of “cheating” and “fraud” they’ve lodged against the Left are little more than projection, as their plan from the very beginning has always been to cheat and keep Donald Trump in power, no matter what level of corruption or criminality that meant sinking to.

In my opinion, and that of millions of others at this point, Donald Trump Jr’s text messages just put the final nail in his father’s coffin.

Watch the clip of Honig’s analysis from Politicus here:

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