A Humiliating Photo Left Donald Trump Buried In Mockery As Social Media Compared His Face To A “Failed Wax Museum”

He looks like he's melting.

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Despite all of the neverending scandal and legal peril that’s pretty much constantly mounting around one-term, twice-impeached ex-President Trump, it seems the has-been former guy is still finding the time to enjoy his properties and surround himself with the most sycophantic people he can find.

However, though it seems he’s still attempting to live his best life in spite of it all, one quick glance at his face appears to tell the story of a washed-up sorry excuse for a man who’s not handling all the brutal curve balls life has been throwing him lately with much stride or skincare routine at all.

Trump already found himself buried in some pretty brutal, albeit hilarious, mockery when a leaked clip of his Mar-a-Lago Halloween party went viral on Twitter — complete with blonde women clad in racy nurse costumes and Donald’s signature “Corn Cob Up The Ass” dance moves.

But the former guy got little, if any, reprieve from the embarrassment, as a recently surfaced photo spread like wildfire across social media that not only earned him the humiliation of a lifetime but quite literally had folks comparing the ex-president’s face to a “failed wax museum.”

While we aren’t quite certain about the context of the image — as in, where it was taken or what sort of event he was attending — the point of it remains the same. Trump literally looks like his face is melting off.

See for yourself:

Twitter users had… Thoughts, to say the very least:

I just wonder if that woman had to wipe melted Trump off her face after the photo was over.

Featured image via screen capture

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