A Mar-A-Lago Author Revealed Melania Trump Is Living A “Strange, Isolated” Life Now: “Nobody Knows Where She Is”

This is... Unsettling.

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There’s no denying that Donald Trump’s third wife of nearly 20 years and the mother of his youngest child has been markedly absent from her husband’s day-to-day affairs (no pun intended) since the pair departed the White House in 2021 in a flame of tantrums and insurrection.

For over three years now, the question has rung through the media cycle over and over again: Where is Melania Trump?

Her public appearances with her husband are few and far between and, despite his 2024 campaign launch, only seem to be getting sparser with time. She’s been spotted here and there, like at her mother’s recent funeral, but Donald’s wife has noticeably been nowhere to be seen when it comes to her husband’s rallies, campaign events, court appearances, and even the family’s Christmas get-together.

In fact, even the patrons of Donald’s Mar-a-Lago resort and personal residence have noticed that they just don’t see much of the former first lady these days.

Laurence Leamer, author of Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Gates of Power at Donald Trump‘s Presidential Palace, said Melania isn’t popping up on the radar because she’s living a “strange, isolated life” now.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Leamer said, “She rarely exits Mar-a-Lago. It’s a strange, isolated life they have in that place. Nobody knows where she is. It’s like a mystery. It’s certainly talked about.”

Leamer, who gained fame for his reporting on Mar-a-Lago but was ultimately banned from the Trump-owned resort by the now-former president for the same reporting that shot him to notoriety said Melania’s attempts to stay out of the spotlight are likely due to her desire to “protect” her only son, Barron. Melania is aware that, should Donald win his 2024 run, the high school senior would be plastered “all over the news” because he would then be a legal adult.

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