A Prison Consultant Who Is Working With Capitol Rioters Said Many Of His Clients Are “Really Scared” Because They Truly Believed They Would Get Away With Their Crimes

They truly believed it would all blow over.

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Dan Wise once served 12 months at Coleman Federal Prison in Florida, in 2014 and 2015, for charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs in Georgia.

Now, the former prisoner has turned his life around and started his own company, Federal Prison Time Consulting, where he helps people navigate the judicial and prison system and even posts helpful videos about prison time on his YouTube channel, RDAP Dan.

Fast forward to 2022 and Wise, who is Palm Beach, Florida, has had several clients who are January 6th Capitol-riot defendants. The prison consultant recently spoke with Business Insider and gave us all a glimpse into the fear he’s witnessing out of the people who stormed the nation’s Capitol building in Donald Trump’s name, after so many of them honestly and truly believed that it would all just blow over. They’d get away scot-free with everything they’ve done.

Most of his Capitol riot defendant clients are currently facing mainly misdemeanors, such as parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building, although some also face obstruction charges.

Speaking with the publication, Wise said, “A lot of them really thought nothing was going to happen. They were like: ‘No, this is going to get blown over. I just wanted to have a quick call with you to see what you thought.'”

“It’s not going to blow over. This is too public,” he explained. “I’ve let them know that.”

Wise said his company saw an influx of interested potential clients as the Capitol riot investigations began to fully unfold across the country. Wise told Insider that his prison consulting company has already spoken with upwards of 20 individuals who were involved in the violent January 6th insurrection and have been charged with crimes related to their participation, and is actively working with 3 of them currently.

“Many of them are feeling really scared about it,” the prison consultant revealed. “There is a big difference between people that showed up and the people that stormed the Capitol. Pretty much all of my clients are remorseful about what happened.”

Over the past several months, we’ve seen a large influx of individuals who participated in the violent, deadly attack that are now showing (alleged) remorse for their actions of that fateful day, such as Thomas Sibick, who stands accused of assaulting a Washington, DC, police officer, Julia Sizer, who got off on the wrong foot when she initially lied to investigators about her role in the attack.

Some of them have come up with insanely off-the-wall excuses for their participation in the riot, such as getting caught up in the moment because the insurrection had the “feel of a rock concert,” while others have taken to the tactic of openly blaming ex-President Donald Trump.

Of course, there are others still, like Landon Kenneth Copeland who was accused of brutally assaulting police officers on the front line, who continue to maintain that they don’t regret what they did on that fateful day.

Wise says he also briefly worked with Jenna Ryan, the notorious Texas realtor who infamously claimed that she wouldn’t go to jail for her crimes because she has “blonde hair” and “white skin,” only to later be sentenced to 60 days in a Texas minimum-security prison.

Wise previously spoke with Insider and said that he personally chose to stop working with Ryan, because she repeatedly refused to take “any accountability for her actions.”

Nearly 830 people and counting have been charged with crimes in connection to the infamous January 6th Capitol insurrection as of last week.

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