Former Federal Prosecutor Delivered Brutal Analysis That’s Sure To Turn Trump Sour, Said Testimonies From Capitol Rioters Are “Certainly Incriminating Of Donald Trump”

Trump's not going to like this one bit.

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Over the last almost year and a half, numerous individuals who participated in the deadly, violent attack against the United States Capitol, while Congress and the then-Vice President were inside, on January 6th, 2021 have since been arrested, indicted, put on trial, and many of them convicted for the heinous crimes they committed against this nation and its democracy on that fateful day. And there’s still more and more to come with each passing day.

As such, many of these individuals have been forced to deliver their testimonies on that day’s events. A countless number of them have thrown around ex-President Donald Trump’s name.

Now, in an analysis that’s almost guaranteed to run the former guy’s weekend, one former federal prosecutor has made it known that he believes those testimonies will eventually serve to incriminate Donald Trump for his massive role in inciting the fatal violence.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner posted a YouTube video in which he theorized that a jury will hear testimony and ultimately decide that ex-President Donald Trump is guilty of inciting the January 6th Capitol insurrection that was perpetrated by his own rabid supporters.

“When Donald Trump is indicted,” Kirschner said in the video before going on to opine that prosecutors will utilize testimonies made by Capitol rioters to “prove to a jury—with witness after witness after witness—that Donald Trump is the reason these people marched on the Capitol and tried to stop the certification of [President] Joe Biden’s win.”

“Because Donald Trump told them to,” Kirschner went on to add. “Not a defense to their conduct, but it’s certainly incriminating of Donald Trump. It is certainly evidence that he incited this insurrection. No two ways about that.”

A countless number of Capitol insurrectionists have already tried to implicate the former president in their trials. Rioter Dustin Thompson even went so far as to file a court motion asking to subpoena Donald Trump in his case.

“It is anticipated that, when called as a witness, Donald J. Trump will testify that he and others orchestrated a carefully crafted plot to call into question the integrity of the 2020 presidential election and the validity of President Biden’s victory,” Thompson’s attorney wrote in the court filing.

The infamous Capitol attack ultimately left five people dead, including one police officer.

Many Americans and officials believe that the ex-president’s supporters were emboldened and incited by Donald Trump’s infamous “Stop the Steal” rally and speech in front of the Capitol, just hours before they went on to attack the government building.

Business Insider reports that more than 800 people have already been charged in connection to the violent attack, and the FBI has allegedly utilized social media to make many of their identifications of the rioters.

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