A Source Claimed Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Ivana Did A Stint In Rehab, Where She Allegedly Demanded That People Call Her A Different Name


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Following the news of Ivana Trump’s sudden death earlier this month, The Daily Mail is now out with new, slightly insane information regarding the 73-year-old Czech-American former model turned Manhattan socialite — including allegations from an inside source that Trump’s first wife spent a stint in rehab, where she insisted that she go by a different name.

According to the publication, Guinness heiress and daughter of English writer Lady Caroline Blackwood, Ivana Lowell, has claimed that she spent a good amount of time with Ivana Trump at a Malibu rehab facility, years after the former model divorced from Donald Trump, where the pair bonded over their identical first names.

Lowell alleges that she and Trump met for the first time at the “pink mansion,” going on to add that Ivana demanded to be referred to as “Maria” throughout the duration of her stay, where she was accompanied by a young man named Roberto.

Lowell wrote of the claims for Air Mail:

A tall woman with almost equally tall blonde hair and a faceful of makeup was screaming, at whoever would listen to her. ‘How many times do I have to tell you my name is not Ivana—it is Maria. I am Maria.’

When she calmed down, I turned around and introduced myself: ‘Hello, I’m Ivana.’ She seemed confused at first, but then, as her anger subsided, her face began to soften.”

The inside source went on to claim that this was the start of their unlikely friendship and added that Ivana Trump asserted throughout her stay at the facility that she didn’t “feel it was necessary” to attend the groups or meetings that were offered by the rehab’s services and claimed she was only there for “pure exhaustion” when asked.

However, Lowell says that her Trump namesake ultimately became an “‘integral, part of their group’ and spoke ‘honestly and candidly’ about an abusive marriage she had been in – though it is not clear which one of her husbands this was referring to.”

Ivana was in a steamy relationship with Italian businessman Riccardo Mazzucchelli following her divorce from Donald Trump. She went on to marry Mazzucchelli in 1995, but it did not last long, with the couple divorcing just two short years later.

She later dated and married Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi, who ultimately passed away from cancer in October of 2021.

“Roberto and Ivana never adhered to the daily schedules imposed upon the rest of us,” Lowell said. “They would take off for a lunch with friends in Malibu or a shopping spree in Santa Barbara.”

“‘I would gaze out of the window of my therapist’s office, bored rigid from having to retell stories of childhood trauma, only to see Ivana and Roberto pull up in their red convertible.”

Lowell says that towards the end of Trump’s stay at the Malibu facility, the Manhattan socialite organized a champagne dinner for several of her fellow patients, stating, “I think we all deserve a treat.”

Earlier this month, Ivana Trump was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her Upper East Side home, with the medical examiner recently confirming that the former model’s death was accidental, as a result of blunt force trauma to her abdomen.

Read the full report from The Daily Mail here.

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