A Trump Family Insider Broke Their Silence On Ivanka’s Curiously-Timed Decision To Abandon Her Dad: “She Knew That Would Damage Him”

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Just recently, we reported on the claims that Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner refused to participate in the scandal-ridden ex-president’s big 2024 campaign launch announcement at his equally scandal-ridden Mar-a-Lago resort that took place this week on the heels of the failed “Red Wave” midterm election — despite the fact that both of them played very large, key roles in her father’s first presidential administration, as senior advisors to the president.

The general consensus was that the former First Daughter simply just wanted to get away from the spotlight and focus more on her family — something both Ivanka and Jared both appeared to start laying the groundwork for before her father even officially moved out of the White House following his brutal 2020 loss.

But if one inside family source is correct in her assessment, there is a whole lot more to it than what meets the eye.

Omarosa Manigault Newman was once a contestant on Trump’s now-defunct reality TV show, The Apprentice, and went on to serve as a senior political aide to the now-former president for about a year, during the early days of Trump’s term.

Ultimately, like so many others, Newman quit her position and promptly turned on Trump, morphing into one of his biggest public critics. But, her criticism of the former guy certainly doesn’t take away from her insider knowledge.

As we’re all well aware now, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter appeared to make a point to publicly announce that she was bailing on her dad’s 2024 presidential campaign pretty much at the same time he was making his launch announcement.

Newman recently made an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Alex Witt Show,” and claimed that the former first daughter’s timing was far from a simple coincidence. According to Newman, Ivanka Trump was very intentionally attempting to steal the spotlight from her dad and his already disastrous presidential campaign, and center herself as the focal point instead.

“Look, you know the family,” Witt said to Newman during the interview. “So, specifically, Eric Trump and Jared Kushner were there. Don Junior and Ivanka were not. Ivanka continued by writing on Instagram that she is going to sit out her father’s 2024 campaign to prioritize her children.”

“Did this surprise you, Omarosa?” the MSNBC host prompted. “Do you think there might be more to the story? And, what do you think would be Donald’s reaction; the reaction she got from her father considering how he built her up during his presidency?”

“You know, what is interesting is that Ivanka’s very strategic,” the former Trump political aide and inside family source answered. “I would say she is his favorite child, so, the fact that she chose that timing, that moment to announce that she was not going to support him was her opportunity to be very much like her father, and take the spotlight and let the narrative be about her.”

“She knew that that would damage him, she knew the narrative would be that his family was not there for him, his favorite child, I might add,” Newman went on to explain. “She is turning herself away from his politics. But, it did not surprise me, the timing, however, was the key element there that she wanted to be so public in the fact that she was not going to support him this time around.”

Suffice it to say, it genuinely looks like Donald Trump’s entire life is falling apart.

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