A Trump-Loving Pastor Complained About People Leaving His Church During Service, Woman From The Stands Could Be Heard Responding “It’s Because You Keep Touching Them, You Nasty Perv”


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Pro-Trump Tennessee Pastor Perry Stone had an awkward moment during the Christmas “special service” as he circled the room singing along to the music, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports. Stone began describing to his followers in the church how some people have walked away from religion in recent years. Suddenly, a woman’s voice in the back brought the auditorium to silence, according to the outlet.

“Probably because you keep touching them, you nasty perv,” the woman yelled out. “Why don’t you tell them the real reason why they left? Because you kept touching them.”

“Ma’am, I’ll have you arrested, and I’ll bring a lawsuit against you for making statements like that,” Stone said as his team of security guards rushed toward the woman.

After a few moments, Stone began yelling, “You’ve talked to people who told 16 lies on my wife and I! That’s who you’ve been talking to.”

You can hear audio of the incident below:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation began questioning people last year that are connected to the pastor and his Cleveland-based ministries, according to the outlet.

“At least seven people connected to the ministry, including some couples, have shared information that investigators sought about sexual misconduct allegations against Stone as well as the evangelist’s connections to Bradley County law enforcement,” according to the report.

The Voice of Evangelism Board of Directors took proactive measures to place Stone, who is married with children, on sabbatical in April of 2020 over a combination of medical concerns and the accusations of inappropriate behavior around female staffers.

Stone, who has blamed Covid on marriage equality, has been openly political in his pro-Trump stance. He’s an excellent example to use to support taxing the church. And it’s not that much of a shock that a pervy pastor is also a Trump supporter. Stone, a right-wing evangelical supports a thrice-married serial adulterer who has a penchant for lying. It’s 2021, and it just seems par for the course with the religious right. Trump bragged about grabbing women without consent, so this all makes sense in a weird sort of way.

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