Ex-Trump Aide Delivers Nerve-Wracking Warning To Americans: Donald Trump Will Go To “Whatever Ends Necessary” To Avoid Going To Prison

He's terrified of sitting in a prison cell.

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Donald Trump’s long-running reign of skirting the law and any real accountability may finally be coming to an end, as his legal trials and felony charges close in over his head, with no way out in sight. As the scandal-plagued and thoroughly disgraced ex-president sits in a Manhattan courtroom where he’s being tried on 34 criminal felony counts connected to paying off a porn star he had an extramarital affair with, one of his own former White House aides is speaking out to warn the American public that her ex-boss will absolutely go to “whatever ends necessary” to avoid sitting in a prison cell when this is all said and done.

Cassidy Hutchinson once served as the top aide to Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and went on to gain notoriety when she delivered damning surprise testimony to the January 6th House Select Committee in their investigation into Donald Trump’s role in inciting the violent Capitol insurrection.

Hutchinson, who has largely been out of the limelight lately, made a guest appearance on Wednesday night’s edition of CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins, following the bombshell news that her former boss Mark Meadows, along with six other individuals, were formally indicted in the state of Arizona on felony charges connected to their alleged efforts to overthrow Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory in the state.

However, CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins didn’t pass up the opportunity to ask the former Trump White House aide about the Supreme Court hearing on Trump’s immunity appeal.

Mediaite reported the following transcript of their discussion:

COLLINS: It must feel really surreal just — I mean, you worked with Mark Meadows, on the Hill. I remember when I was covering the White House, and you worked there. And you were kind of everywhere that he went. You were on Air Force One. You were in his office. You worked right outside of it. It must feel really surreal to see him get indicted a second time.

HUTCHINSON: It’s really sad. I was really close with Mark. I really believed in Mark, as a principal. That’s why I chose to take the job with the Chief of Staff. So, it’s difficult to see him in this position.

But I think on the greater scale, too, if we look at how Mr. Trump has conducted himself, through his business career, and also his political career, I almost relate it to just bodies around him, that he takes out everybody who is loyal to him, because it’s all about his personal gain, and what he can gain from those people.

Donald Trump is inherently about himself. That’s why America is in the position that it is today, because he did not want to give up the presidency. And he’s now running again. He’s been indicted in multiple jurisdictions.

COLLINS: That reminds me of what Bill Barr told me. I mean, he was sitting in that same seat that you are now. And he said, that Trump kind of like leaves this path of carnage, in his wake, of people who sign up to go work for him and then end up with their names in an indictment.

HUTCHINSON: Yes. And it’s people go, I would hope, for the most part, you go into public service to serve the American people. And it’s incumbent upon all of us, whether you’re public servants, or a citizen of this country, to make sure that we’re maintaining our democratic institutions.

Donald Trump does not show respect for our democratic institutions. In fact, I would argue he shows the exact opposite. He shows contempt for our institutions.

But when you sign up to go into public service, that that’s not what you sign up, to go into. And I think there are a lot of people who, like myself, who believe they’re going there to do the right thing, and to serve the American people, and they get caught up in something that’s so much more dangerous than they actually anticipated.

But I think there are some people that went in with their eyes wide open, and unfortunately, they knew, and they feel that their loyalty is owed to Donald Trump.

In this next election cycle, especially as we look ahead, towards the Supreme Court arguments, starting tomorrow, it’s really important to stress that the American people were not given the truth about Donald Trump in 2016, and he won. He almost won in 2020. And he very well could win again, if the American people do not, are not made aware of who he actually is.

Donald Trump is scared at this point, and there’s no denying that his fear will soon begin to breed truly desperate measures.

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