A White House Pool Reporter Finally Challenged Trump To His Face About All The Lies; They All Need To Do This

Finally, someone said it!

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Donald Trump is absolutely rotting in a pool of his own lies, but it doesn’t seem like there are many people out there willing to actually challenge him over them. Considering those closest to Trump are constantly at risk of losing their livelihood if they don’t lick his boots, I suppose it’s understandable. Nevertheless though, every once in a while someone will shine through and do what we’ve all been wanting to do for years now — call Donald Trump out on his bullshit.

That’s exactly what happened today.

As Trump met with the controversial Hungarian Prime Minister today, one White House pool reporter decided to try and get some answers from the liar-in-chief and challenged his claims of being the most transparent president in history.

“You talked about transparency — if you’re transparent, why block the House Democrats?” one reporter asked the president in reference to the disregarded subpoenas issued to present and past members of the Trump administration as well as Donald’s blatant refusal to release his tax returns.

“Because they’re asking for things that they’re not entitled to. I could ask them, I assume if they ask me, I could ask them for the same kind of thing,” Trump said, referencing the Democrats’ repeated attempts to get his tax returns. “They wouldn’t want to do it. All they’re trying to do is win an election in 2020.”

“So we’re doing really well, and all the Democrats want to do is find any way they can to stop it,” POTUS continued. “They’re putting their own personal goals ahead of the country. You can’t do that. And we have a wonderful Attorney General. He’s done a very good job and I’m sure it will all work out.”

Of course, Trump dodged the question and spewed a bunch of nonsense per the usual. But we’re glad to see someone actually confronting him, nonetheless.

You can watch the full video here:

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