Trump Ruins His Own Re-Election Campaign By Spending Over $1.3 Million In Donor Money At His Businesses

What will his supporters think of this?!

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For someone who wants to measure up to Barack Obama and win a second term more than they actually want to be President, Donald Trump has done something truly stupid to ruin his chances of re-election.

Forbes has just reported that according to the president’s campaign filings, Trump’s businesses have charged his campaign a staggering $1.3 million for his 2020 efforts! These profits going to Trump’s businesses are from costs from lodging, food catering, and rent — which translates to over a million in donor money going right into Trump’s bank account. Trump once promised America there wouldn’t be any conflicts of interest, and yet his businesses are profiting as his re-election efforts involve spending at his own properties!

These findings are quite interesting considering that at the beginning of Trump’s 2016 campaign, the then-candidate bragged about how he didn’t “need anybody’s money.” Remember when he said this?

I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.”

Yet another lie. While Trump did fund $50 million of his 2016 campaign himself, he moved to using mostly donor money after scoring $234 million in contributions. And it seems that for his 2020 campaign, Trump isn’t even planning on using his own money — he’s going to use donor cash at his own businesses to profit off the campaign!

This should make Americans — especially Trump’s supporters — furious. This proves that Trump is exactly the opposite of the kind of president he promised he would be, and calls him out for being extremely corrupt and manipulating his presidency to make his family rich. From the very beginning, there were red flags that Trump would do something like this, and now it’s been proven. This is going to be a major reality check for many of Trump’s followers, and it might just be his downfall in the next election.

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